Call statistics and type for August 2021

Security Services responded to 100 calls for service in August 2021. The call types and numbers appear below.

Open Door: 25
Boat Violation: 3
Traffic Complaint: 2
Illegal Entry: 7
Lost/Found Property: 7
Medical: 12
Reckless Driving: 1
Harassment: 1
Suspicious Incident: 8
Careless Driving: 1
Property Damage Accident: 3
General Assistance: 5
Noise Complaint: 2
Conduct Violation: 1
Larceny: 1
Personal Injury Accident: 1
Site Violation: 2
Civil Complaint: 1
Unwanted Guest: 1
Damage to Property: 1
Possess Methamphetamine: 1
Disorderly Conduct: 3
Parking Violation: 3
Suicidal Person: 1
Trespass: 1
Controlled Substance Violation: 1
Misc. Rule Violation: 1
Boater Assist: 1

Golf Cart License Plates

If you are still in the Park please stop at the PSO Office and pick up your license plates. Please bring your cart(s) with you. No appointment needed.

New Proximity Cards

The mag strip cards are being phased out. Please stop in to the PSO Office with your old card to obtain a new card. No appointment needed.

Thank You

Security Services staff would also like to thank the Members for the many acts of kindness, cards and food shown to the staff this season. We hope you have a safe off-season and will look forward to your return next year.

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