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By: The Sandy Pines Board of Directors Pool Committee

The Sandy Pines Board of Directors and members of the assembled Pool Committee are excited to share with you the results of the recent survey that was conducted this past November.  Remember – this was a goal to simply find out if adding another pool would be an asset to the park and should we pursue further investigating detailed costs, long range maintenance and operational costs associated with such an amenity.

Although we have voted on pool proposals in the past many of the members have shared with the Board the following – either the proposals were not detailed enough to know what you were getting or it was “tied” to something else within Capital and again not knowing what was truly being voting on.   Our goal was to help use the latest survey data results to help guide us along this process of what the members want and help shape a proposal that can be voted on this upcoming season if warranted.

To highlight a few results, it is very clear that the members are passionate about wanting more pool space!   We had a total of 1,932 responses and the data overwhelming supports a new pool.  More than 92% of the respondents from members followed by 7% from associate members as the survey was not able to be locked down to only prohibit member’s voices which was the intent.  Wading (pun intended since this is pool talk!) through literally thousands of comments spanning 235 pages really helped guide us on our next steps which is to put some options in front of the members to engage in a vote this coming season.  Recognizing the need for transparency, communication and education of finances as to the “why’s and the how’s” is imperative for all of us.

Statistic notes of interest:  nearly 50% of all respondents have been in the park more than 10 years.  Greater than 50% of all respondents are actively working.  More than 76% disagree/strongly disagree that current pool space is adequate for our park.  More than 83% strongly agree/agree that they would value the additional asset of having another pool added to the park.  Greater than 77% strongly agree/agree that they would be willing to invest in another pool that will benefit members even if it is a larger investment.  Nearly 60% of respondents would prefer an indoor pool instead of another outdoor pool.  Overwhelming majority would like a pool (preferably an indoor pool) to be built in phase 4 near where the old pool was located.

A sampling of some of the comments covered a wide range of topics and emotions.  Comments surrounding location, indoor vs. outdoor, and how to pay for it.  Comments around financing such a project ranged from paying down current assessments first (Golf) before considering another assessment for a pool, capital and operational budgets.  What is really needed due to the seasonality of the indoor/outdoor/park hours/etc. Numerous comments around making a wise investment which will increase our park values including several comments of “I don’t use the pool but would value the addition to the park”, assessment options instead of raising dues is preferred by the majority, overcrowding of existing pools needs to be addressed ASAP, the size of the park (number of sites) warrants more pool space for all ages including teens, etc.  Reviewing in greater detail these valuable comments will ensure that we spend our time wisely on any offerings put before the members for vote.

Again, many thanks to those who took the time to fill out the survey and share so many wonderful comments to help us as a Board listen to the members.  Our next step as a committee is to continue meeting and to formulate a plan to move forward with more information, details and education and to prepare a ballot of some sort next year.


Pool Committee Team!

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