It is hard to believe that we are approaching the end of the 2020 season.  This has been a different season, but it turned out great for the Park and Garden Store and Rental Office.  The store will remain open until September 8th and then we will change to the off-season hours of Friday and Saturday 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.  If you have other needs during the week call 616-896-9334 and leave a voicemail and we will call you back to accommodate your needs.

Treated Lumber

If you have tried to get treated lumber this season at the local suppliers, you probably found it difficult.  We have been able to get a supply of treated lumber and still have some available if you are in need.

Merch & Logowear

We still have a good supply of logo wear in stock and will have sweatpants, sweatshirts, and other items to help keep you warm as cool fall temps set in. Tie dye hoodies and Happy Camper ballcaps have been hot items this year and we’ll keep restocking them as soon as we reach a short supply. We also have new limited addition fall camouflage t-shirts in the store along with hoodies, blankets and hats online. Most of our onsite supply and additional online exclusive are available online at

Watercraft Rentals

Again, this year we had a record number of water softeners provided to the members and even with the delayed start the Marina and rental watercraft had a good year.  We will continue to rent watercraft through September 26th depending on the weather.  Except for Saturday afternoon you will need to come to the rental office or call and leave a voicemail for rentals.  We will only be open on Saturdays (noon to 5) in the month of September through September 26th.

Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts will still be available through September 26th but you will need to call 48 hours in advance or rent with the online system.  Since the office is not open regular hours after the 7th you will need to use the voicemail system or the online rental software.

The Park and Garden store will close for weekly business on September 7th and will only be open Friday and Saturday during the rest of September.  We close on September 26th for the season.

We will have RV Antifreeze and Leaf Bags for your needs during September.

Boat Removal

To those of you that need your boat removed from the lake before leaving you can schedule boat removal for days in September.  All boats that are removed by Park and Garden must be removed before September 26th.  If you need it after September it is an additional $20.  Be sure to call and get your time reserved for removal.

Water Softeners

We will be busy during September with picking up water softeners for those of you that are closing up before October 15th.  To get a discount on next year’s softener, be sure to stop by the Park and Garden and fill out your contract for 2021 and schedule the date for the pick-up of your softener.  Next year will be the 9th year of the Softener program through the Park and Garden.  We are still giving the $20 discount for the softener if you sign a contract before October 15th.

If you are returning your softener, please drop it off by the garage door at the back of the Park and Garden Store.  Mark your tank with duct tape and include your site number so we can give you credit for the return. We schedule pick up in areas of the park as we can get 10 to 20 softeners scheduled.  We do not always pick up on the exact date.  If you winterize before we pick up the softener that is ok.  Just leave the softener by the trailer.

Thank you for using the softener service for the 2020 season and be sure to sign up for the 2021 season before you leave for the year.  You can sign up at the Park and Garden store or get the form on the online web and at member service.

It helps us if you close your site before October, and let us know so we can pick up your softener as we have over 300 to pick up again this year.

Thank You

Thank you to Dale Yoder, Carol Brower, Jess Beurkens, Tula Walther, Barb Glass, Brandon Collison, Leah Tuinstra, Lynn Carcione, Chet Ryan, and John Glass for your dedication to the Park and Garden Store and Rental Office this past season.

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