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Recently, there has been some online discussion and multiple calls to the Sandy Pines office regarding seasonal cable and internet service. Seasonal cable & internet service support inside the park exists from April 15 to October 15.  Trouble calls for cable and internet service are addressed only between those dates. This has not changed in the past couple years. Charter Spectrum does not disable cable and internet to the park or any specific sites during the off season however they do trap lines that cause system wide interference. If you do visit your site during the winter and note the cable is not working, please report it to Member Service so that we can report it and keep a detailed list of sites needing service.  While it is possible to schedule a service call through the national Charter Spectrum Customer Care Line, technicians will not be dispatched locally for off season service calls. During the off season, broad cable outages are addressed and service maintained.  However, if a drop to a specific site is accidentally cut, or line trouble, pixelating, etc. for a specific site arises, those issues would be addressed in spring.

As of this date, October 17, 2018, there are two hot spots being addressed by Charter Spectrum techs.  One involved a pedestal in Phase 1.  The second was a larger issue in Phase 2, which caused significant outages and/or intermittent service.  This was assessed and the Phase 2 power supply was found to be going bad and is being replaced.

A designated Charter Spectrum technician is doing some preventative maintenance in the park.  Where they are finding “noise” (interference) coming from the trailer: bad splitters, bad cables, etc, that is affecting multiple sites and/or pedestals, they are placing “traps” on lines until the park reopens and members are available for appointments with Charter Spectrum technicians.  This may limit service to the drop on which the trap has been placed, but will allow everyone else on the pedestal to continue to receive service without the back feed from the troubled line. Charter Spectrum technicians cannot enter a trailer to trouble shoot lines and splitters without the members being present.  We are expecting receipt of a list of those troubled lines, enabling us to follow up next spring and schedule affected members for a service call.

This has nothing to do with lines being marked with site numbers.  Pedestals are the property of Charter Spectrum and members should not open, nor manipulate the connections inside.  Doing so risks a fine from Public Safety for the person who manipulates the pedestal plus a service call fee from Charter Spectrum, currently at $165.00.

If you experience issues in the off season or when you return in the spring, unplug all your electronics for a solid two minutes, which “power cycles” them.  If you check on your site during winter and your cable and/or internet does not come back after a power cycle of all equipment, let us know so that we can get you scheduled for a trouble call in spring.  Remember:  your modem provides internet service; your router provides wireless connectivity.  Please power cycle both pieces.  If you can plug a laptop or device directly to the modem via the Ethernet cable, thus bypassing your router, then restart your computer, this will eliminate the problem being with your member-owned router, versus the Charter Spectrum-owned modem.

Charter Spectrum Cable is included with your Sandy Pines membership and provided to all members in the park and in the condominiums. The cost is $136 included in your annual dues and assessments which are billed in October. Sandy Pines offers 60 Megabyte Charter Spectrum High Speed Internet.  The cost is $192 per 6 month contract or $384 per 12 month contract. The 6 month summer contract runs annually from April 15th to October 15th with service billed biannually $96 in April & $96 in July. The 12 month contract runs year-round with service billed in $96 quarterly payments in April, July, October and January. The 6 month contract is used  for seasonal site owners while the 12 month contract is used for year-round condominium residents.

While our channel lineup will be changing to include more channels, nothing else is changing with our service at this time. We do not have a date of when the new lineup will be implemented but will send an update once we know. Complete cable and internet details can be found online at


  1. Barbara Gay on March 23, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    can’t read the new cable lineup it’s way to small and splits in the middle when trying to print it.
    Can you make the line up bigger? PLEASE!

    • Sandy Pines on March 25, 2019 at 1:10 pm

      We knew that might be an issue for some when we assembled the lineup however we’re challenged on the amount of info we can fit on a single page. We’ll see what options we can come up with for larger fonts.

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