October Public Safety Update

In August 2019, Security Services responded to a total of 76 requests for service. The incident types and numbers appear below.

Neighbor Dispute: 2; Property Damage Accident: 2; Conduct Violation: 4; Medical Emergency: 21; Illegal Entry: 3; Suspicious Incidents: 7; Boater Assist: 2; Personal Injury Accident: 3; Lost/Found Property: 1; Alcohol Violation: 1; General Assistance Call: 2; Boat Violation: 3; Animal Complaint: 6; Noise Com- plaint: 3; Disorderly Conduct: 3; Assault: 1; Hit and Run PDA: 1; Traffic Complaint: 2; Larceny: 1; Check Welfare: 1; Attempt Burglary: 1; Fugitive: 1; Curfew Violation: 1; Malicious Destruction of Property: 1; Fire: 1; and Misc. Rule Violation: 1.

Medical emergencies continue to represent a considerable portion of total call volume. In July of 2019, medical emergencies represented 19.3% of total call volume. In August of 2019, medical emergencies represented 27.6% of total call volume.

New Automated External Defibrillator

Public Safety is happy to announce that we have a new AED for patrol. The unit is a Zoll AED Plus model. This unit measures the effectiveness of CPR including chest compression depth and rate.

Upcoming Training

During the off season, Public Safety will be sending multiple employees to Medical First Responder training, which will also involve state licensure for those persons at MFR level. Additionally, the PSO Office is sending employee, Nick Flamboe, through Emergency Medical Technician training. This training will take six months, and result in Nick being a Michigan licensed EMT. The PSO Office currently has staff which are trained as Para- medics, EMTs, Medical First Responders as well as Firefighter I and II. We remain committed to timely response to medical emergencies as well as continued training of staff.

Employee Recognition

Deputy Director of Security Services Christopher Munley was recently recognized for his timely response and lifesaving efforts on a call involving a cardiac arrest.

Winter Site Safety Checks

The Security Staff will start performing winter site checks starting on November 1, 2019. While you’re away for the season, we’ll be making our way around the park providing individual site checks to make sure all structures look secure, safe, and in proper order. We will be contacting members after each site check so don’t be alarmed if you see a message from us as we may just be letting you know that everything looks good.

If you have motion activated security cameras, please note our site checks may be triggering your cameras. If you would like to let us know that you have security cameras at your site, we can note your account for additional follow up in the event of any suspicious park activity. We encountered instances last winter where footage provided by private member security cameras aided in ongoing investigations.

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