North Shore Center Ground Breaking

We continue to work with FEMA, The State of Michigan Hazard Mitigation Team, Salem Township and the Storm Shelter Committee to build the North Shore Center. A ground breaking ceremony was held on Thursday, January 16 to celebrate the kickoff of this historic project.

In January the construction company will be installing helical piles.  Based on the engineers report these Helical piles are needed to support the weight of the building.  The previous building at this location had foundation issues.  Most likely because the soils below did not support the previous foundation.  These helical piles are engineered and tied into the foundation of the building.  Once the helical piles are installed the building foundation will be started.

The walls of this building will be precast concrete which has been designed in cooperation with the construction company, the Architect and precast concrete company.  The building is a dual purpose facility to function as a FEMA P-361 compliant storm shelter as well as an activity center with meeting rooms, a library and an all-purpose room for events.

We are on track to complete this building by the required FEMA completion date of April 2021 with a projected completion date of fall 2020. Details, information, and renderings of the future facility can be found at

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