Please note that the winterization departure dates on or before September 30th are $90. This amount was submitted correctly but printed incorrectly in the August Footprints. It was printed correctly as $90 in the September Footprints.

Please welcome Nicole Klinge, our new Member Service Assistant Manager. Many of you may recognize her from the golf course. She brings a wealth of experience to our Member Service Team and we are blessed to have her on board.

October & November

1             Annual dues, assessments, final electric & quarterly unit tax on Member statements
15           Water turned off for the season park-wide
19-23     Last regular pump outs for the season
28           Last day for an emergency pump out
11/1        Boats must be out of the water
26-27    Office closed for Thanksgiving
Please Note: Water extensions are not available; all water is turned off October 15th.


Convenience Centers that will remain open after October 15th include: CC 2, CC 5, CC10, and CC 12. Open until the snow starts: CC 8 and Core.


Dues, Capital Contributions, and Special Assessments are billed October 1st. All charges to your account must be paid in full by October 25th to avoid service charges. Your final electric, unit tax, winterization fees and anything else that was billed to your account are due in full over and above the payment plan payment by October 25th. Six monthly installments to pay only the dues & assessments in the amount of $327.88 will be due by the 25th of every month October through March. Dues can also be paid in advance by making larger payments, as long as you keep your account under the maximum monthly balances outlined below:
Monthly Payment $327.88
Plus any additional items you had billed to your account! (1.5% interest on the unpaid monthly balance)
Monthly Maximum Balance
October 25 $1,591.64
November 25 1,282.72
December 25 969.16
January 25 650.90
February 25 327.87
March 25 $0.00


Utilizing the payment plan automatically places your account 30 days past due because the balance is not paid in full. Thus, if you miss a payment during the term and your account balance exceeds the monthly maximum balance, your account becomes 60 days past due and magnetic card deactivation results. Reactivation of magnetic cards costs $35.00 per card. Again, the payment plan option includes only the dues, capital contributions, cable, special assessments, and related service charges. The
payment plan does not include any other fees and charges billed to your account. You must add all other charges for services, electric, state unit tax, etc. to the monthly installment amount.


A finance charge of 1.5% (18% APR) applies after the 25th day of each month on the unpaid balance on your account. Minimum Service Charges apply. We do not accept post-dated checks. Payment timeliness cannot be determined by postmark dates as we cannot guarantee timely delivery by the post office. Sandy Pines is not responsible for email statements that are not received due to user’s spam/junk mail filters or electronic transmission issues. Sandy Pines is not responsible for paper statements lost in the mail or those delayed by mail forwarding issues. Billing statements are available online through Member Web Access 24/7/365. We will not waive extra service charges due to conditions out of our control.


There is no fee to swipe a VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card when we are face to face at Member Service or the Public Safety Office. Member Service is open Mon-Fri from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Public Safety is open 24 hours/day and although they can take payments, they won’t address billing issues. Checks can also be left in the drop box on the north side of the Member Service Entrance. Checks left in the drop box after 8am may not be processed until the next business day.


Checks can be mailed to Member Service at 2745 136th Street Hopkins, MI 49328. Checks must bereceived and processed by 4:00 pm on the 25th of each month to avoid 1.5% service charges on the unpaid balance or to keep accounts from going delinquent. Please write legibly and make sure to add your site number to the note section of your check. We cannot hold checks; they are processed the day they are received.


Most banks offer online bill pay which gives you the ability to add Sandy Pines as a vendor and setup monthly or recurring payments. The bank will mail Sandy Pines a check with the amount and due date specified by you. Please use your site number and last name as your account number and/or make sure to add your site number to the
notes section of your check and allow time for proper delivery before the 25th.


Credit card payments processed online through your Member Web Access or by phone arecharged a 3% processing fee. This fee is processed by our bank since online and phone payments are less secure forms of payment. Unfortunately, there is no avoiding the fee. However, for immediate payments on your account, this is a good option.

Spectrum Update

As many of you know, Spectrum updated our contract for 2020-2021 with new internet speeds, 200 DS and 10 US. Spectrum sent to us lists of the modems in the park that were deemed compatible and incompatible with the new speeds. For those that were labeled incompatible, they sent replacement modems. Most modems have been swapped out – a few remain. We will attempt to contact the remaining Members who have not yet swapped out their incompatible modems. The old modems will be deactivated at the end of September.

Modems installed at sites as of the start of this season must be kept at the assigned site at least through 2021. Therefore, if you sell in 2020 or in 2021, your buyer must accept the modem and subsequent internet charges. When you picked up your new modem, you signed a contract stating you agreed to this. This is implied for those who kept/have installed internet service at the start of the 2020 season.

Just because the modems are deemed capable of handling the increased speed, does not mean if you do a speed test, you will see the full capacity. There are many factors involved in running a speed test including direct connect verses wireless, the processor capability of your wireless router if only testing wirelessly, the processing capabilities of your connected devices and the number of connected devices. Capturing the full potential depends on the potential of the connected device. Just because you don’t get 200 download does not mean your modem isn’t working. It could be your router, your computer’s processor, or your phone. Our Spectrum fiber comes from Allendale, Michigan so that is the location you should select when you run a Spectrum speed test. The best test comes from a direct connection between your modem and a high speed computer, via the ethernet cable.


  1. Jeffrey Wachter on October 12, 2020 at 8:36 am

    can you please confirm i am still on the list to get Wifi as i will need it for 2021 for sure. Can i you please tell me when i will get it.

    Jeff Wachter

    • stacie white on October 12, 2020 at 5:15 pm

      Alot of members did not get into the park until a couple weeks past water turn on date. If the weather stays warm, why not give an option of paying a fee to keep it on a couple of weeks.

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