Sandy Pines Membership Cards

By: Steve Deyarmond

In January all members were sent annual renewal forms indicating the membership cards that were associated with your membership which includes member, associate, recreation, and youth membership cards. If you do not need to remove any cards, please note that on your annual renewal form and all cards will remain on your membership.  If you have persons that you want to remove, please complete your renewal form by March 16th, 2020.  After March 16th all cards associated with your account will be billed to your account and we will not be able to reverse these charges after the annual renewal deadline.

Please note that adding new membership cards to your account is not part of the annual renewal process. New cards can be added anytime by contacting the Public Safety Office. Please do not contact Member Service with new card requests associated with your annual renewals as this can cause renewal complications.

If you have family members that have become married, have added spouses or have youth that have turned 16 years of age then you may contact the Public Safety Office anytime throughout the season to order new cards. Membership cards can also be preordered.  The member/owner of the membership can call the Public Safety Office to order the membership card and upon arrival the recipient can stop at the Main Gate, have a photo taken and be provided the membership card.

Sandy Pines offers two options for membership cards.  A magnetic swipe card and a swipe card with a  proximity disk. Magnetic cards (mag cards) are the membership cards that you must swipe through the card reader to activate the gate.  Proximity disks (prox disks) can be held or waved near the reader to gain access.

Membership Card Pricing

  • $15 New Magnetic Card
  • $20 New Magnetic Card & Proximity Disk
  • $5 Proximity Disk Upgrade (Disk is added to Magnetic Card)
  • $15 Lost Magnetic Card Replacement
  • $20 Lost Magnetic Card & Proximity Disk Replacement
  • $3 Damaged Magnetic Card Replacement (Must provide damaged card)
  • $5 Damaged Magnetic Card & Proximity Disk Replacement (Must provide damaged card/disk)
  • $5 Renewal of first Member/Owner Proximity Disk Card $5
  • $10 Annual Magnetic Card Reactivation
  • $15 Annual Magnetic Card & Proximity Disc Reactivation
  • $35 Overdue/Late Payment Card Reactivation ($35 per card)
  • $10 Member/Owner Recreation Card (Allows access to everything except gate access)
  • $10 Golf ID Card (16 & under)

Member/owners, children of members, parents of members, and grandchildren are eligible for Associate Membership Cards.  Brothers, sisters, relatives and friends are not eligible for Associate Membership Cards however they can be signed in as guests anytime at the daily guest fee rate. If you have questions about membership cards contact the Public Safety Office at 616 896-9006.

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