Cable TV, Internet & Phone Services

Televsion on a desk

Cable TV Service

Sandy Pines offers bulk Charter-Spectrum high definition cable and high speed internet services for all park and condominium members. Residential cable, internet and phone services from Charter or any other communications company are not available in the park. Charter-Spectrum bulk service is available to the park at discounted rates which allows us to pass savings on to our members. To discuss Spectrum bulk cable or internet service contact Sandy Pines Member Service at 616-896-8315

Charter-Spectrum Cable is included with your Sandy Pines membership and provided to all members in the park and in the condominiums. The cost is $136 included in your annual dues and assessments which are billed in October. The service provided is Charter Clear QAM cable with 159 HD channels. You’ll need a high definition (HD) television with a built-in digital/QAM tuner in order to decode and program the channels. Cheaper television sets such as the Element brand commonly don’t have digital tuners and will not work on our system without an additional digital converter box. Digital converter boxes are available for purchase from the Sandy Pines Park & Garden store. Please note these digital converter boxes are not the same as a residential cable box you may have outside the park and are not interchangeable.

Most member sites have a gray house box which supplies the main cable/internet feed to the trailer. Please call Sandy Pines Member service if you cannot find or do not have a gray house box. (While most due, there are a few sites that are in close proximity to a node and are directly connected to the node instead of a house box.)  Condominiums are built and internally wired for cable. If you move into a new condo unit, you’ll have to call Sandy Pines Member Service to connect your condo externally to the Charter-Spectrum network.

Channel Lineup

Printed copies of the Cable TV Channel Listing  is available at the Member Service office or can be viewed on Channel 9.4. The digital QAM cable system does not offer an interactive TV guide or DVR service like most traditional residential services. Some members have purchased DVR systems such as the Magnavox MDR867H HD DVR/DVD Player that work with our QAM cable service. If you're experiencing issues with your cable TV service, please visit our Charter Spectrum troubleshooting & customer service page.

Internet Service

Sandy Pines offers 60 Megabyte Charter-Spectrum High Speed Internet.  The cost is $192 per 6 month contract or $384 per 12 month condo resident contract. The 6 month contract runs from April 15th to October 15th with service billed at $96 in April & $96 in July. The 12 month condo resident contract runs year-round with service billed in $96 quarterly payments in April, July, October and January. The 6 month contract is for seasonal site owners while the 12 month contract is for year-round condominium residents.

There are no installation or setup fees. Charter-Spectrum provides the modem; you are responsible for providing your own router. Check the website or visit Member Service for a list of Charter Internet Router Recommendations.  Once you activate the 6 month seasonal service, you keep your modem until such time that you no longer want to have internet service. If you wish to keep your service, you do not need to bring your modem back at the end of each season. If you are interested in internet, contact Member Service to schedule a modem installation.

If you're experiencing issues with your cable TV service, please visit our Charter Spectrum troubleshooting & customer service page.

Wifi Hot Spots

Free Wifi is available at various hot spots around the park including:

The Library
The Recreation Station & Water Park
Phase 1 Retail Laundry
Phase 5 CC #11 & Laundry 
Phase 3 Pool & Laundry

All Wifi hot spots are on secure networks and require password to logon. The network name is Sandy Pines-Guest.  The password is printed on posters in each facility or you can obtain it by calling Member Service or the Public Safety Office.

The park-wide Wifi that was available for purchase a few years ago is no longer available but may still show up on your devices around the park.

Phone Services

Landline Services

Traditional landline infrastructure no longer exists in the park for seasonal members and is thus no longer available. Landline service is available for Condominium owners by calling AT&T at 800-288-2020.

Cell Phone Services

The new Verizon cell phone tower is up and running! While we’re hopeful that other providers sign on to the tower, no other confirmations have been made at this time. One thing to note with the new tower (and all new towers) is they are 4G which means if you have an older 3G phone, you may not see an improvement in your cell phone signal/reception. Resetting your network connections may help with this issue. We recommend contacting your cell phone service provider for instructions on resetting you network connections as the process varies based on your phone and provider.

WIFI Calling

If you have internet service and a fairly new smartphone (within the last 2-3 years), all cell phone providers now offer free Wi-Fi calling which enables you to make phone calls in weak coverage areas while you’re connected to a strong Wi-Fi signal. Look up your phone model through your provider to see if Wi-Fi calling is supported on your device. If so, enable Wi-Fi calling through the settings of your phone and you may not need to subscribe to separate phone services.

VOIP Internet Phone Services

There are numerous affordable and reliable VOIP Services available in the park if you have internet service. What is VOIP? It stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and simply means internet based phone service. Charter Residential offers VOIP services through their bundling packages but since Charter no longer offers residential services in the park, this option is no longer available.

Many people in the park utilize netTALKMagic Jack, OomaVonage services to name a few. Most of these services are very affordable offering unlimited US calls for under $50 per year. They also offer the portability of taking your number with you wherever you go. This works out great for snowbirds that migrate in the winter. You get a small and portable thumb drive sized device with each service that plugs into your router and allows you to use a traditional land line phone or a smartphone with your service. Please note that since this is internet based phone service, if you’re internet is out, your phone will also be out.