New Shortened Saturday Hours:  In order align with the Maintenance Team and implement ways to cut down costs, Member Service is changing Saturday Hours to 8am to 2pm.


Writing Checks for Payment:  Member Service is accepting checks for account payments.  Please send the top portion of your statement with your check.  If you choose not to do so, please make sure your Site number is written correctly in the memo.  Incorrect site numbers can lead to the payment being posted to the wrong account.  Thank you!


Mail Services: Because Sandy Pines staff and facilities are not equipped with the proper PPE and supplies to manage the required disinfection criteria currently recommended for package handling,

a new Mail Policy is forthcoming.  Only Members with Sandy Pines Mailboxes will be permitted to have packages delivered to Sandy Pines, and we ask you choose USPS as the courier.  As soon as all the details are in place, we’ll post the new policy details at  As always, guest campers may not have mail delivered to Sandy Pines.

Boat Registration Deadline: For 2020 only, the deadline for submission of your boat registration is July 1, 2020.  Motorized boats previously registered can easily be renewed online.  Wait time for return of the stickers has reduced from approximately one month to approximately 2 weeks.  Appointments with the Secretary of State are able to be booked online for mid to late June


Spectrum Cable & Internet:  We are hopeful for a new Spectrum internet contract by the end of May.  As soon as coordination for modem installation is complete, we will begin contacting Members who signed up for Internet.  The cost will not be billed to your account until the modem has been installed.  Someone over the age of 18 must be present for the installation.  As always, cable is direct-connect to the coax port on your HD Clear QAM tuner capable television.  I know it can be frustrating when electronics fail.  At Member Service, we will always try to assist in trouble shooting electronic issues.  Giving electronics a hard reset, scanning channels, bypassing your wireless router, and being beside your equipment to relay the working indicators are always the steps we are going to work through.  Thank you for your patience.

Park WIFI:  As you move about the park, don’t forget about the free park WIFI hotspots. All WIFI hot spots are on secure networks and require a password to logon. The network name at all park locations is “Sandy Pines-Guest”.  The password is printed on posters in each facility or you can obtain it at Member Service or the Public Safety Office. Free WIFI is provided at The Library, Phase 1 Retail Laundry, The Recreation Station/Water Park, Phase 5 CC #11 & Laundry and Phase 3 Pool & Laundry.


Laundry Facilities: If you notice or experience issues with any washing machines, dryers or change machines in any of our Convenience Centers, please call WASH Laundry directly at 800-521-9938. They require the WASH ID number that is posted on each machine in order to dispatch a technician. Look for the WASH ID sticker on the machine that is malfunctioning and give them a call.


Phase 3 Shelters: Please note, the center portions of both the storm shelters/CC’s in Phase 3 are unlocked and available in case of severe weather.


New ATM:  There is a new ATM at Park & Garden.  It is very user friendly and if you want to have your receipt sent to your smart phone, please have it handy.  The vender assesses a $3.00 fee; this would be in addition to any fees charged by your financial institution.  The minimum withdrawal is $20 and the increments are $20 increments.  I tried it – it worked well!


Pump Out Plans:  All Pump Out Plans have started; thus, we are no longer able to adjust to or add Pump Out Plans.  We can assist you at Member Service with booking individual pump outs or you may do so through your Member Web Access.  Remember to book your pump outs before your Phase day to get the regular rate of $14.  Those pump outs booked same day or on a non-phase day will cost the emergency rate of $28.


Regarding Guest Pass and Member Card Questions:  Thank you for understanding that issues regarding your guest passes and Member cards are not handled by Member Service.  The software for and administration of these items is handled by our helpful and talented Public Safety office staff.  During Renewal season, January 15 to March 16, we are able to make changes.  After that date, card issues and guest pass issues are handled at Public Safety.

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