John Lievense New Public Safety Officer

By: Keith Garvelink

January Call Statistics

In  January, 2020 our Public Safety Staff responded to a total of 70 calls which include the following:

Building Alarm:                             11
Animal Complaint:                       1
Disorderly Conduct:                     1
Fraud:                                            1
General Assistance:                      3
Health and Safety:                        1
Misc. Call for Service:                   1
Controlled Substance Violation: 1
Open Door:                                   46
Property Damage Accident:        1
Threats:                                         1
Unauthorized Dumping:              2

Ice Rescue Equipment

The Public Safety Office is now equipped with ice rescue equipment, which includes Mustang suits, vests, helmets, and other items.  Security Services plans on combining ice rescue/cold water rescue training with our colleagues at Salem Township Fire.  The equipment will give Security Services enhanced capabilities in the event of an ice or cold water rescue scenario.

Medical First Responder Update

Part time Public Safety Officer (PSO) Colin Helder has passed his MFR National Registry test, and is now a licensed Medical First Responder.  Three additional employees are scheduled for the National Registry test.  Congratulations Colin!

New Security Services employee

Security Services is pleased to announce that John Lievense has joined our team as a part time PSO.  John is a Member of Sandy Pines, a graduate of Davenport College, and has extensive experience as a Holland Police Department and Allegan County Sheriff’s Department Reserve Officer.  Please introduce yourself to John if the opportunity presents.  Welcome to the team John.

Training Update

Training recently completed by Security Services staff includes 8 hours of a 16 hour Surviving Verbal Conflict/De-Escalation class and HFRG Threat Pattern Recognition and Use of Force Instructor class. Our staff is dedicated to providing safety and security to our community. Please make sure to introduce yourself and thank them for their service the next time you see them.

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