Park Inspectors Office

By: Ralph Smith    

Office Hours

Off Season:        Tuesdays            8-9:30 am & 3-4:00 pm

In Season:          Opening April 15

Contact Information

Telephone: 616.896.7286
Fax: 616.896.7409

Permits & Projects

Due to the mild winter a lot of members have been outside working on their sites, cutting down trees, and starting projects. Please remember most projects require permits and drawings of the project you want to complete. All trees require inspector approval before you can have them removed. If you turn in a permit for your project I will get in touch with you and let you know if it has been approved and will leave all paperwork at your site.  I will do it this way until the park reopens, as I’m only in the park on Tuesdays during the off season. Please keep in mind that all permits are only good for 30 days even in the off season, so don’t pull a permit unless it can be completed in that timeframe. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions regarding permits, contractor applications, or lot cleanup issues but remember since I’m only in the office on Tuesdays it may be up to a week before you hear back from me. More information on contractors & park services, permits & applications, boat stake maps, engineering park maps, violations & arbitrations are available at

Contractor & Applications

If you’re an officially licensed and insured contractor and would like to work in the park, please complete our contractor application online at The contractor fee is $200 annually which will get you added to our Registered Contractors List that we distribute to all members looking for services provided within the park.  If you are a currently a Registered Contractor, please remember to complete a new contractor application and provide all of your contact information, insurance paperwork, and any state licenses that you may need to do your job. 2020 Contractor Applications and all forms are due by Wednesday, April 1, 2020 to avoid having your park access cards turned off.

Lot Cleanup Deadline

As we all know our lots must be cleaned by Wednesday, June 10, 2020 per the Sandy Pines Rulebook. I have high hopes that everyone will have this done by the deadline so we will not have to issue any fines. This season I will work in order through Phase 2, 1, 4, 5, 6 &3 until I get through the whole park. Please help keep an eye out for your neighbors and let’s work as a community to make sure all our sites and our park is looking clean, tidy, and in compliance with the rules set forth in the Sandy Pines Handbook.

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