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Last month we announced the signature events for the 50th  Anniversary year in 2021. You can see a summary of these events in the February 50th Anniversary Update and on the 50th Anniversary Page.  We are very excited about the ideas the membership came up with for the celebratory year.  It’s going to be a special year at Sandy Pines.

Within these signature events, there are lots of additional ideas on how to make them a fun and memorable time for all.  It will take the help of many to pull these events off successfully.  We need member volunteers to assist with the planning and execution of these events. If you are interested please visit sandypines.com/volunteer and click through to signups and then find the 50th Anniversary event you would like help plan.  In summary, the events are:  Charter Member Recognition Dinner, Family Fun Day, Casino Night, Park Scavenger Hunt, Art in the Park, Wine & Dine, Food Trucks & Tunes, Bogies & Beers, Decorate for the Decades, Trivia Night.  We thank you in advance for stepping up to help out.

As you already know, the Sandy Pines community is a large, dedicated, vibrant, and engaged community, whether on-site or from a distance.  High engagement on social media pages are proof that the members are dedicated to their Sandy Pines family all year round. It is truly a unique community.

Members value family fun and extra perks, and the signature anniversary events will be no exception. Another important component to executing on the signature anniversary events with all the extras that Members enjoy is sponsorship. Sandy Pines sponsorship packages are available anytime, however will have a special influence on the events of the anniversary year.

We are looking for owners and businesses who would benefit from sharing their brand with a family-friendly community like Sandy Pines or perhaps would like to say thank you to Sandy Pines for continuing to support a fun and safe environment where a lifetime of memories get made.

Do you know of a business, or are you a business owner that might be interested and willing to partner with Sandy Pines to promote their business and/or give validation of the continuation of this strong and vibrant community?  We want to hear from you.

Standard sponsorship packages can be found at sandypines.com/partnerships or by inquiring to josh@sandypines.com or by calling the administration office.  These packages are a very reasonable way for businesses to put their products and services in front of a large and engaged audience in a variety of ages and stages of life, with businesses and personal commitment to family values.

Not only will sponsorship be a big win for the sponsoring business, but it will also be a key contributor to making the 50th Anniversary a memorable celebration for many years to come.

Will you help us to find sponsorship partners for the 50th?  Your referrals are encouraged and welcomed. Please submit them to the 50th Anniversary Event Planner, Marcie Palmer at marcie@championresources.biz.

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