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Lake Treatment Alert

Lake Monterey is scheduled for spot weed and algae treatments tomorrow, Wednesday 6/12/19.

We do not know what areas of the lake will be treated before PLM & Lake Management Corp. completes their onsite assessment. On the scheduled treatment date, PLM works their way around the lake and treats areas needing attention. As they treat, they post signage containing information and what’s being treated, chemicals being used and notifying of swimming bans if necessary. There will be no swimming bans or restrictions with tomorrow’s treatment.  Lake Monterey spot treatments are scheduled annually with the complete schedule posted at the beginning of each season. The treatment schedule is weather dependent so treatment dates may change.

Treatment dates are scheduled on Mondays as the “Week Of” dates. Most treatment dates start on Tuesdays. Once treatment dates are confirmed we send out alerts 24 hours in advance by text and email to all members. These alerts are also posted on our Alerts & Cancellations Page and the Member News Feed on our Members Page for all associate members, campers and guests. For more details on this and future treatments, visit