Guide to Opening Season

Sandy Pines is our Happy Place. Without proper preparations, our Happy Place can easily become our Unhappy Place. Here are a few proactive planning tips for ensuring your home away from home remains happy all season long.

Opening Season Guide

Returning to your summer getaway after a long winter or hiatus can feel a lot like coming home. Reopening your trailer, cabin or vacation home is the first step to an unforgettable vacation. But before unpacking too much, make sure your trailer is good to go for the season. Don’t have Sandy Pines vacation home? Contact our Sales Team and they’ll set you up with the site of your dreams!

Before You Go

When returning to your summer getaway, think about the home maintenance supplies your trailer needs. We supply all the home essentials, but it’s a good idea to stock up on bedding, towels, and gadgets before hitting the road. Ask yourself what you use every day that you can’t live without. Think of something? Make sure to grab it and bring it with you.

RV Quick Dissolve Toilet Paper

RV Quick Dissolve Toilet Paper

All the home, lawn, garden and RV supplies you’ll need can be found at the Sandy Pines Park & Garden Store! The store has all the essentials including rakes, key blanks, pad locks, shovels, wheelbarrows, axes, pressure washers and most of these items are also available for rent. The store also carry’s many products designed specifically for RV use like quick dissolve toilet tissue and air freshening holding tanks drop ins. Don’t forget grilling supplies, bird seed, bulk products, and Sandy Pines Logo Wear such as t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, hats and more. By shopping at our Park & Garden Store, you’re helping support our park and community.

The Foundation

Once a year it’s a good idea to go up and check for any cracks or damage on the exterior foundation, even on the roof! While most trailers are made to survive four seasons, it’s always best to double check for anything that may have occurred in the cooler weather and over time. As you know, Michigan winters can get pretty intense and their impact can show on your trailer anytime throughout the season.

Boot the Bugs

A quick critter check includes examining windows and screens for holes, and looking for any chewed wires. While you’re at it, consider bringing bug spray or any other critter repellent. You can also get creative with your insect repellent efforts. Sandy Pines Park & Garden Store sells insect repelling patio tiki torches which also give you that cool Survivor Island Feel. We also sell Grandma’s Pure & Natural Bug Repellent, Itch Reducing, and Poison Ivy Relieving Bar Soap

Fresh Air

It’s best to start your visits off with a breath of fresh air. Clear out that dust with a fresh vacuuming/rub down before relaxing for the rest of the day. Remember to clean top down: wipe down cabinets, counter tops or other surfaces, and then the floor.

Don’t forget while June 10th is our annual park cleanup deadline, the Park Inspector continues keeping an eye out for violations all season long. The park cleanup rule is intended for our community to look good as a whole, so please do your part, and help notify your neighbors of any possible issues if they don’t frequent the park as much as you.

Emergency Kit

First Aid Kit Pinterest Board

First Aid Kit Pinterest Board

Always be prepared. Looking over your medical supplies before an accident happens is the best way to guarantee you’ll be ready for one. In addition to medical supplies, test your smoke and CO2 detectors for batteries. In these situations, it is always better to be over prepared. For some great examples of an emergency kit check out this Emergency Preparedness Pinterest board. Always dial 911 in case of life threatening emergencies and also follow up with a call to our Public Safety Office at 616.896.9006 for park emergencies.

Ready, Set, Relax.

Go outside and sit on the deck or take a ride on your golf cart. Your getaway is ready for summer. Ready to go? See Sandy Pine’s upcoming activities or book your trip. Camping, visiting, or don’t have your own golf cart? Rent one or a bike at the Sandy Pines Park & Garden Rental Office and cruise in style!

What are your tips?

What are your camping hacks and tricks? If there’s something that’s revolutionized your camping experience, please share with your fellow campers.

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