Flea Market Picnic Shelter

If you visited the park recently, you may have noticed the preparations for building a new picnic shelter in the Flea Market Area. The project was part of the Board Approved Maintenance Updates listed on page 12 of the 2017/2018 SPWT Budget.

The new shelter will be just slightly larger than the current shelter and will include a sidewalk around the outside for additional seating, a dark brown steel roof, tan siding and a built in ceiling to keep the birds from nesting overhead. The seating area of the current shelter is 24 x 24 feet, the seating area of the new shelter will be 32 x 32 feet. The same picnic tables will be used in the new shelter and have a seating capacity of 100 persons .

The shelter is home to holiday weekend Flea Market Pancake Breakfasts, various Recreation Department Events and is also one of the facilities that is available for rent by members for birthdays, anniversaries and other private events.

Cement for the foundation will be poured and the project may be done soon weather permitting.

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