Welcome Shannon!

We are happy and blessed to welcome Shannon Dykstra to Sandy Pines in our Accounts Payable/ General Accounting position. Her past experience, skills and knowledge in accounting and great personality are a wonderful asset to all of us here at Sandy Pines. Shannon is a lifelong resident of the Dorr area and her familiarity with Sandy Pines and the community is also a wonderful attribute for her role. She and her husband Jody have three children, Sydney, Jesse, and Ryley. They have recently gained a son in law, Grant, with the marriage if their oldest daughter this summer. She is looking forward to being a part of the Sandy Pines community.

Please join us in welcoming her to the Sandy Pines!

Financial Updates

As the 2020 season comes to an end, I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with a few financial updates.

Dues & Assessments

Your September 2020 billing will be sent the first week of October and include your final electric, state unit tax as well as any residual ancillary charges from the 2020 summer season. Your September 2020 bill will also include your 2021 Dues, Capital and Special Assessments for the next summer season, for a total amount of $1,896, including an increase of $14, in accordance with the 1% March 2020 CPI index for the year. Payment for the 2021 Dues and Assessments is due in full by October 25th, 2020 to avoid service charges or payable in six installment payments of $327.88 by the 25th of every month, October thru March. The payment plan option includes only the dues, capital contributions, cable, special assessments, and related service charges. The payment plan does not include any other fees and charges billed to your account each month.

Sandy Pines

Sandy Pines and Lake Monterey Golf Course have had a different year but are closing in a strong financial reposition recouping losses recognized early in the season related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sandy Pines has been able to recoup and maintain its strong cash position in reserves, especially with the help of the PPP Loan. Total Net Income is up $127k as of the end of August 2020, compared to prior year, which is a significant turnaround from the end of June 2020 being down $276k from the prior year. The reopening of activities and complying with all the State Regulations imposed on business, has helped in turning this around through the season. A significant portion of this was Camping. As of the end of June 2020 when the Pandemic was first present reservations were cancelled and income dropped $220k over the prior year. As of the end of August 2020, Site Rental/Camping Income has turned around and is $16.8k lower than prior year. Sandy Pines continues to utilize the operational dues to fund 47% of the expenses incurred throughout the year in the park. Sandy Pines relies on other revenue sources within the park to fund the other 53% of expenses incurred.

Lake Monterey Golf Course

Lake Monterey Golf Course has also maintained a strong cash position with the assistance of the PPP Loan to help cover the payroll expense to bring all employees back while re-opening the course for the season. Green Fees specifically with Members of Sandy Pines is significantly up from prior year. With limited activities for recreation, the Golf Course has been a highlight for many individuals through the summer. Revenue related to sales within the Clubhouse, such as Food, Beverages and Merchandise are down, however the increase in Green Fees has overcompensated for that loss in revenue. Lake Monterey Golf Course has again initiated a year end payment of $75,000 back to Sandy Pines for payment on the Phase 6 Golf Course Loan.

A full update of the final FY2020 Financial Close for both Sandy Pines and Lake Monterey Golf Course will be provided in the off-season.

Thank You

Thank you to the managers who successfully continue to run the operations of their departments, along with their employees, and especially through the global pandemic we faced, while maintaining the focus of keeping the best interest of the park and golf course in mind. Thank you to the many volunteers who also stepped forward to help in critical times this season and go above and beyond for the best interest of the park. Your support is appreciated more than you know. Thank you also to each of you,
the Sandy Pines community, for being here and making everything we do worthwhile. If at any time through the off-season you have questions, please do not hesitate to call or message. Thank you all for being a part of the Sandy Pines Community and we wish you many blessings until we reunite next season in 2021, in celebration of our
50th Anniversary!

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