By: Keith Garvelink

November 2019 Call Statistics

In November 2019 Security Services responded to a total of 55 incidents which include the following:

Building Alarm:                                           2
Damage to Property:                                 6
General Assistance:                                   14
Health and Safety:                                     1
Lost/Found Property:                                1
Malicious Destruction of Property:          2
Medical:                                                      1
Misc. Call for Service:                                1
Open Door:                                                 15
Misc. Rule Violation:                                  1
Sex Offender Investigation:                      1
Suspicious Incident:                                   5
Unauthorized Dumping:                            3
Illegal Entry:                                                1
Vehicle Complaint:                                     1

December 2019 Call Statistics

In December of 2019, Security Services responded to a total of 36 incidents which included the following:

Building Alarm:                             7
Damage to Property:                    3
General Assistance:                      1
Lost/Found Property:                   1
Missing Person:                            1
Open Door:                                   19
Rule Violation:                              2
Unauthorized Dumping:              1
Illegal Entry:                                  1

Medical First Responder Training

I am pleased to report that Security Services employees Jamie Werkema, Colin Helder, Zach Boensch and Brad Nieboer have successfully completed Medical First Responder training.  The training consists of 72 hours, and covers topics of EMS Systems, Workforce Safety and Wellness, Professional CPR/AED, Medical, Legal and Ethical Issues, Documentation, and Communications, The Human Body, Airway Management, Lifting and Moving Patients, Patient Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Bleeding, Shock and Soft Tissue Injuries, Poisoning and Substance Abuse, Behavioral Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, Child Birth, Pediatric Emergencies, Injuries to Muscles and Bones, Geriatric Emergencies, Transport Operations, Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue and Incident Management.

The training included workshops with practical and written examinations.  Employees who completed the training will take a final National Registry examination this month and will then be licensed.  Responding to medical emergencies comprises a substantial portion of Security Services call volume, and staff are committed to continuing education and licensure endeavors. Please congratulate these employees for their successful completion of this training if the opportunity arises.

Golf Cart Registration Process

Golf cart registration and license plate distribution will begin on April 1st, 2020.

Please note couple important points when registering for plates at the Security Office.

  1. The golf cart and member must be present to register.
  2. Members will be able to complete the information either on a computer or by filling a paper form out.
  3. Vehicle Identification Number stickers will be applied by Security Services staff.
  4. Existing members will be billed for the plates and sticker on their accounts. License plates will be $14.00 per set and $15.00 for the sticker.

Additional information on the License Plate Registration Process is online at

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