North Shore Center Ground Breaking

By: Jeff Sweitzer

Happy New Year to our Sandy Pines family, friends and community.  We hope you had a safe, blessed Christmas and New Year. There is much to be thankful for as our staff has been working hard to prepare for a new season at Sandy Pines.

Staff Update

We communicated in our December Footprints that we would have an update on staff changes after the first of the year.  We would like to welcome Jamie Bogema to our Sandy Pines family.  Jamie will be leading our Human Resources area reporting in to Kimberly Williams.  Please see Kimberly’s CFO Update regarding Jamie.  Jamie is a welcome addition to the team and will help Kimberly continue to focus even more on the financial state of our wonderful park.  We would also like to announce that Kathy Brott has graciously taken on additional responsibilities effective the first of the year.  Kathy will continue to be our Executive Assistant as well as taking some of the responsibilities formerly held by Kelli Blackman in our Camping and Sales area.  Many of you are used to seeing Kathy’s bright smile and personality in her administration building office.  Kathy’s bright smile and positive personality that shines throughout the administration building and our park will now be the first thing you see in the Camping & Sales Area. Lastly, Josh Janowiak has also taken some of Kathy Brott’s former responsibilities as he expands his communications role.  We thank Jamie, Kathy and Josh for their dedication and roles here at Sandy Pines.  We can’t wait to see the good things they will be doing for our community.

Renewals, Events & Projects

As for the upcoming month, we continue to focus on many things.  Annual Renewal Statements were recently sent to all of the membership. You’ll have up until Monday, March 16 to update your annual services, membership cards, golf cart & boat stickers, pump out plans, internet, and such before they’re billed with your April Statement. See Sue’s Member Service News for more instructions on Annual Renewals. We have the Winter Festival on February 8th.  We are having positive feedback about this event.  We have finalized our team and department goals for 2020. We have also kicked off our FEMA project as you will continue to see heavy equipment and progress made throughout the coming months. See Steve Deyarmond’s North Shore Center FEMA Update for details on that project. We have kicked off an IT Assessment team to review our current system(s), our current and future needs to run Sandy Pines and develop any recommendations for IT system upgrades or changes.  This team will meet twice a month to help deliver on any IT/systems shortfalls.  Lastly, the staff will be challenged with training during the off season.  Our Public Safety and Emergency Services team will be leading specific training sessions and exercises in the coming months.  This is critical to make certain we are prepared during the season to better serve our members.

There remains much to do as time is closing in on our 2020 Season. We look forward to the coming months and our opening day.  Don’t forget to see each Department Manager’s article for other updates and items of interest. Our goal remains to serve this park with dedication to quality and integrity.

God bless and keep the staff and park in your prayers.

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