Park Inspectors Office

By: Ralph Smith

The Park Inspector winter office hours are Tuesdays from 8-9:30 am and 3-4:00 pm. I’m out and about in the park between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm so please keep that in mind when you try to get in touch as there may be a delay in my response due to our limited off season hours. Please also keep in mind that you will still have to get permits before you start any projects that require one so you may have a delay in starting due to my limited availability. All of our required permits, applications, and fees are available at

If you’re currently a Registered Contractor please remember that updated applications for the 2020 season are due by Wednesday, April 1 to get them processed before the renewal deadline, otherwise you’ll risk having your park access cards deactivated. If you’re an officially licensed and insured contractor and would like to work in the park, please complete our contractor application online at The contractor fee is $200 annually which will get you added to our Registered Contractors List that we distribute to all members looking for services provided within the park.

For all other Inspector related topics including contractors & park services, permits & applications, boat stake maps, engineering park maps, violations & arbitrations visit Lastly, don’t forget that June 10 is our annual lot cleanup deadline. This date can easily sneak up on us and we don’t want you caught off guard by not having everything clean and tidy at your site. Thank You and I hope you have a great rest of the winter!


  1. David Holben on February 18, 2020 at 3:44 pm


    This is Dave Holben from site K504. I want to have to locust tree that I want limbs trimmed that are hanging over my trailer and my neighbors. I have contacted two tree services for bids. Do I need to submit a permit form to have the limbs trimmed?

    Dave Holben

    • Sue Flowers on February 19, 2020 at 2:06 pm

      Please email our Park Inspector directly for this information, Thank you.

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