The New Park & Garden Store

By: Jack Schmidt

2019 was our first season in our new Retail Center location. We are looking forward to our second season in the new location and to providing even more new items and services for all your home, lawn, and garden needs. We have added new cleaning products for the spring-cleaning; we have a pressure washer available to rent as well as ladders.

We have created a survey online at to get your input on what you think of the new Park & Garden Store. We’d also love to get your feedback on products we do and don’t yet offer in our store. Please take five quick minutes to complete the survey and help us serve you better in 2020.

If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time to get on the list for the rental Water Softener Program this coming season.  If you already completed your order, keep an eye out for a confirmation email from us in late February/early March.

Once license plates are available from the Public Safety Office in the spring, we will have the new brackets available at the store this summer.

Now that our 2020 featured events and holiday weekends are available on our wall calendars, this is the best time to reserve your golf carts, kayaks & stand up paddle boards for the season. Camping reservations always pick up after the first of the year and golf carts typically sell out for the big holiday weekends, so don’t delay, rent today at

Most of our inventory and services including water softeners, bottled water, mulch, stone, soil, propane, Sandy Pines Logo Wear, and equipment rentals are online at Looking forward to seeing you in 3 short months!


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