By: Sue Flowers


Monday – Friday                 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Mail Room Hours                 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday              Closed
(Saturday hours begin May 18th)

Important Dates

4/1          Annual Renewals, quarterly electric & state tax billed (Due in full 4/25)
4/15       Gates open and water is turned on for the season (weather permitting)
6/1          Boat registration deadline
7/1          Quarterly electric & state tax billed (Due 7/25)
10/1       Annual Dues, final adjusted electric, and state tax billed (Due 10/25)
10/15     Water is turned off for the season (weather permitting)


We love it when Members in warm, sunny states call and ask, “How’s the weather?  (Chuckle, snort, laugh, ha ha).”    You know who you are!  And of course, our response is always the same…. “Bring some of that sunshine and heat back with you when you come!”   April 15th will be here before we know it – see you soon!

Renewal Period Ends March 16th

Members have until March 16, 2020 to make changes to their account data before Renewal fees are billed.  All fees will bill to your account the last two weeks of March and will be on your April Statement along with quarterly unit tax and quarterly electric.  If you haven’t yet verified your information is correct, please do so before March 16th, as after this date, changes and credits are limited.  Check your file in Member Web Access and contact Member Service with changes or additional information, or complete the online Renewal Survey at  Included in your summary for your review is all boat information, including in/out service provided by Park & Garden; Boat Dock information/billing; Internet Service/billing; Bullpen info/billing (if annual); Mailbox info/billing; Pump Out Plan info/billing; number and billing for any mopeds or non-motorized boats.

License Plates Billed

Delayed production pushed the new license plate program into 2020-2021.  While Members have until April 1, 2021 to get their license plates mounted to their golf carts, the fee for the plates is being billed with 2020 Renewals.  In 2020 only, for each cart on file in Member Web Access, you will be billed $7.00 per plate, or $14.00 per cart (front and back plates), maximum of 2 golf carts per site.  You will also be billed the normal/annual sticker price of $15.00 per cart.  In 2021, the sticker changes from the 2”x3” sticker to a smaller current year plate sticker.  Please make sure the number of golf carts listed for your site is correct, as this triggers the amount you are billed. While you have until April 1, 2021 to mount the plates, the 2020 sticker must be on your golf cart per the PSO’s determined date.  All of your license plate information and registration can be done online by logging into Member Web Access at

Addition golf cart license plate registration details can be found at

Statements & Stickers

The total amount from your renewal summary is billed to the account at the end of March and will be on your April statement along with your quarterly unit tax and quarterly electric.  Payment in full is due April 25th. The deadline for updating your renewal information is March Member cards cannot be canceled for credit after the March 16th deadline. Purchasing new Member cards is not related to renewals; new cards or replacement cards require a photo and can be purchased in person at the Main Gate Public Safety Office. For questions regarding Member cards, please contact the Public Safety Office directly at 616-896-9006.

Stickers are automatically mailed with your April statement to the current primary address listed in your Member Web Access Portal, unless you request we hold them at the Main Gate. Once stickers are mailed they become your responsibility and we must charge the full price for their replacement.  If you find lost stickers or they finally catch up to your change of address, the deadline for crediting returned stickers is July 1st. If your boat registration expires prior to April 1st, your water sticker is not included with your April statement, however you are charged for the sticker. Once we receive your updated boat registration we can provide your sticker. If for any reason you don’t receive your April statement and stickers, log into Member Web Access and verify your mailing address; contact Member Service at least 10 days before the bill due date of April 25th.  Renewal Stickers include Water, Land, Non-motorized boats, Golf Carts, and Mopeds.  Bullpen and Handicap tickers are permanent and are not replaced with Renewals.  Blue Tank (waste tote) stickers are annual and can be purchased at Member Service or at Public Safety.

Pump Out Plans

Due to leap year and April 15 being a Wednesday, all pump out plan dates have changed.  Please review the pump out plans and choose which is best for you.  Members do not have to have a specific plan.  Pump outs can be individually booked in advance through Member Web Access or by calling Member Service.  More Pump Out information can be found  The 2020 Plan options are listed as follows:

Pump Out Plans 2020

Boat Stakes & Docks Update

Thanks to the Park Inspector, available stakes have been identified and those deemed not useable labeled as such.  In 2019, through sales, assignments, relinquishments and declinations, 104 Members came off the stake and dock waiting lists.  We will be working as quickly as possible to make assignments on the remaining available stakes.  For most, these will not be ideal positions; those who truly want a boat stake may have to park and walk a fair distance to access the stake.  Keep in mind, only one person from your party has to go get the boat.  They can bring the boat to a temporary accessible point for family and friends to load/unload, such as the handicap dock by the dam, or an accessible point near one of the beach areas.  For more information regarding stakes and docks, visit

Mail Service Reminders

For those with Sandy Pines mailboxes, we recommend you complete your mail forward requests one month in advance of your transition to or from the park, as it can take two to three weeks for the change of address to take effect. While UPS & FedEx are not able to deliver parcels and packages in the park, we’ve allowed Members to have packages delivered to Member Service. For information on park USPS mailboxes and details on our mail policy and parcel delivery, please visit  Campers cannot have mail or packages delivered to Sandy Pines.

Facility Rentals

Reserving a Sandy Pines facility is an option for Members who wish to have dedicated space for family gatherings.  For information on Sandy Pines Facility Rentals, please visit  You will find general information regarding rentals and drop down buttons that will list for you the details of each facility.  A Facility Rental Agreement is required and the facility must be available, so please check with Member Service before completing an agreement.  Park events have priority over rentals and we’ll still be scheduling park events through April.

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