2021 Park Stickers & Renewals

By: Sue Flowers
Member Service Manager

Office Hours

Monday – Friday             8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday         Closed
(Saturday hours begin May 15)

Contact Information

Phone: 616.896.8315 x 0
Fax:       616.896.7409
Email: memberservice@sandypines.com

Important Dates

4/1     Annual Renewals, quarterly electric & state tax billed (Due in full 4/25)
4/15    Gates open and water is turned on for the season (weather permitting)
6/1    Boat registration deadline
7/1    Quarterly electric & state tax billed (Due 7/25)
10/1    Annual Dues, final adjusted electric, and state tax billed (Due 10/25)
10/15 Water is turned off for the season (weather permitting)

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Renewal Period Ends March 15th

Members have until March 15, 2021 to make changes to their account data before Renewal fees are billed.  If you haven’t yet verified your information is correct, please do so before March 15th, as after this date, changes and credits are limited.  Check your file in Member Web Access and contact Member Service with changes or additional information, or complete the online Renewal Survey.  Included in your summary for your review is boat information, including in/out service provided by Park & Garden; Boat Dock information/billing; Internet Service/billing; Bullpen info/billing (if annual); Mailbox info/billing; Pump Out Plan info/billing; billing for any moped or non-motorized boat stickers. Renewal fees will bill to your account the last two weeks of March and will be on your April Statement along with quarterly unit tax and quarterly electric.

Member cards cannot be canceled for credit after the March 15th deadline. Purchasing new Member cards is not related to renewals; new cards or replacement cards require a photo and can be purchased in person by appointment at the Public Safety Office. For questions regarding Member cards, please contact the Public Safety Office directly at 616-896-9006.

Stickers are automatically mailed with your April statement to the current primary address listed in your Member Web Access Portal, unless you request we hold them. Once stickers are mailed, they become your responsibility and we must charge the full price for their replacement. If you find lost stickers or they finally catch up to your change of address, the deadline for crediting returned stickers is July 1, 2021. If your boat registration expires prior to April 1, 2021, your water sticker is not included with your April statement, however you are charged for the sticker. Once we receive your updated boat registration, we can provide your sticker. If for any reason you do not receive your April statement and stickers, log into Member Web Access and verify your mailing address; contact Member Service at least 10 days before the bill due date of April 25th. Renewal Stickers include Water, Land, Non-motorized boats, Golf Carts, and Mopeds. Bullpen and Handicap stickers are permanent and are not replaced with Renewals. Blue Tank (waste tote) stickers are annual and can be purchased at Member Service or Public Safety.

Pump Out Plans:  Pump out plan dates had only slight changes. Please review the pump out plans and choose which is best for you. Members do not have to have a specific plan. Pump outs can be individually booked in advance through Member Web Access or by calling Member Service. More Pump Out information can be found at SandyPines.com/PumpOutService. The 2021 Plan options are listed as follows:

Weekly Plans            Plan                                # of Pumps        Price

April 19 to Oct 22        Plan E    Full Plan                       27              $324.00

April 26 to Sept 10      Plan A    Labor Day                    20              $240.00

May 3 to Oct 8             Plan C    Flea Mkt Plan              23              $276.00

May 24 to Sept 10       Plan G    Holiday Plan               16              $192.00


Bi-Weekly Plans        Plan                               # of Pumps         Price

April 19 to Oct 22         Plan F    Full Plan                      14              $168.00

April 19 to Sept 24        Plan D    Sept Plan                   12              $144.00

May 10 to Oct 15          Plan B    Late Start                   12              $144.00

May 24 to Sept 17       Plan H     Holiday Plan               9              $108.00

Boat Registrations

All Member boat registrations must be up to date by June 1, 2021. Your registration has the expiration date on it, or you can log into Member Web Access and view the registration information we have on file. Please let us know if you feel your recorded expiration date is in error. Those with motorized boats usually receive their SOS registration reminders in the mail and can renew online or at an SOS Kiosk; you can search their website to see if there is a kiosk near you. Unless we have an updated registration on file before stickers are mailed, Members whose registrations are expired will not receive a boat sticker with their April statement. Once you have your new registration, you can mail a copy, scan/email, take a clear photo and send, or fax your registration to Member Service. Please do not send receipts or title applications. We need the actual current registration.

SOS Online Boat Registrations

If you must renew your boat registration, even a non-motorized boat, here are the steps for online renewal through the State Of Michigan Secretary of State :

  1. Click this link, or copy and paste in your browser: https://milogin.michigan.gov/eai/login/authenticate?URL=/
  2. Create an account and answer a few questions.
  3. Log in and pay the renewal fee.
  4. Print or save the document to your desktop.
  5. Attach it to an email to memberservice@sandypines.com

While we cannot guarantee it will work for every circumstance, for renewals, it is the best recourse. Let us know how it goes!

Mail Service Reminders

For those with Sandy Pines mailboxes, please remember to put in your forwarding 3 to 4 weeks before returning to Sandy Pines. Only Members with mailboxes can receive mail and packages at Sandy Pines. All mail and packages are delivered to the mailroom located by the 28th Street park entrance. Proximity card entry is required. Kudos to our Maintenance Team for working to expand the mailroom, as all current boxes are assigned. For more information, please visit SandyPines.com/MailServices. Campers cannot have mail or packages delivered to Sandy Pines.

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