LMGC Hole 14-Pruned Oak Trees by Hole 15 Tee Box

By: Gary Peters

Happy New Year and welcome 2020! We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter and so much so that we even had golfers out on the links on Christmas Day. You’re welcome to use the course in the off season but please make sure the turf isn’t soggy and that you’re not damaging the course. While the Pro Shop is closed, we do have a collection box at the start of the course for green fees. We appreciate your donations as they help with off season maintenance of the course.

All of our annual golf outings and events are listed on the new 2020 Sandy Pines Wall Calendars. We’re also looking ahead to 2021 and coming up with some new events to celebrate our park’s 50th Anniversary, so stay tuned for details as they unfold. Here’s the schedule for the 2020 season:

April 19              LMGC Spring Clean Up
June 7                Nine/Dine Couples Outing
June 17              Kid’s League Begins
June 27              Member Guest Outing
July 12                Father/Child Outing
July 19                Nine/Dine Couples Outing
July 25                Red Tee Par 3 Challenge
August 2            Mother/Daughter Outing
August 16          Nine/Dine Couples Outing

We continue working on tree removal and course improvements as weather permits. I have been fielding recent member inquiries about which trees are being removed and why they’re being removed.  There are three main reasons why we remove trees from the course .The first is safety. If a tree is carrying disease, dead or dying, we remove it as it is unsafe. The second is how it impacts the turf.  Too many trees in one area may provide too much shade which may prohibit healthy turf conditions. Last is improving course playability, which can increase the speed of play and make the course more enjoyable. You should always have some type of shot to make from the rough it might not be easy put a shot away.

We have thinned out the woods between Hole 1 and Hole 9, removed six scotch pines at the top of the hill, thinned out the tree on the Hole 4 tee box, and removed all the scotch pines roughly 150 yards out on Hole 3 near the big oak trees just past the power line. Will be working on more tree removal and thinning out tee box on Hole 8 .We’ll also be working on the back nine to remove a few trees that are diseased and unsafe.

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