December Security Services Update

Security Services News by Keith Garvelink

Incident Report

In October of 2019, Security Services responded to a total of 45 incidents. The types and numbers are as follows: Building Alarm: 1; Fire Alarm: 1; Animal Complaint: 1; Boat Complaint:  1; Check Wellbeing: 1; General Assistance Calls: 12; Health and Safety: 1; Larceny: 2; Medical:  3; Neighbor Dispute: 1; Open Door: 2; Property Damage Accident: 1; Misc. Rule Violation: 3; Suicidal Person: 1; Suspicious Incident: 7; Unauthorized Dumping: 1 and Unauthorized Entry: 2.

Site Security Checks

Our Security Services staff have resumed conducting site security checks for the off season. Security staff check the site for any issues including unsecure or open doors, damaged property and so forth. If your site is checked, you will receive an email regarding the site check. If anything urgent is found, our staff will attempt contact with the Member immediately.

Lake Safety Update

The Security Services patrol boat has been removed from the lake for the winter. The buoys have also been removed. If you engage in late season activities on the lake, such as kayaking, please exercise caution, as there will be a delayed response due to the patrol boat being out of the water.

Unauthorized Dumping

Security Services continues to have issues with unauthorized dumping. Section V subsection D. of the Handbook has the rules regarding trash and disposal of leaf, brush and vegetation. Those rules include:

  • No member shall bring trash of any kind into the Park
  • Park removal of trash will result in an assessment and violation
  • Large items such as sofas, old carpeting, sheds, and appliances are to be disposed of in a designated large dumpster across from the PSO Station. Hazardous materials or chemicals such as golf cart batteries or paint may not be disposed of in the Park

Note:  The large dumpster described above has been removed for the season.

There are also rules posted on each compactor regarding what items may be placed in the compactor. These rules are enforced, and costs of removing hazardous materials or materials which jammed the compactor, will be assessed to the violator.


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