Online Store 01-03-21

By: Josh Janowiak

Ready, Set, Celebrate!

We’ll officially kick off our year-long 50th Anniversary Celebration starting in January 2021! While many events won’t happen until the 2021 summer season, we’ll be celebrating virtually online with some new videos, photos, stories, history, and more. You’ve likely seen our cool, new 50th Anniversary Logo (it’s on the cover) and now you’ll start seeing that logo on our website, social channels, on print materials, and soon on the 2021 summer Weekly Flyers! In addition to the new logo, you’ll also see our colors changing from Sandy Pines green, blue, and brown to our 50th Anniversary Celebration gold and black. You’ll also notice our slogan “Ready, Set, Relax.” changing to “Ready, Set, Celebrate!”

Online Store & 50th Anniversary Gear

We’ll continue releasing new limited edition 50th Anniversary logo wear and merchandise in our Online Store. The January store will be open from Sunday, January 3rd to Sunday, January 17th at midnight. Shop online at

Hot Winter Merchandise

  • 2021 Sandy Pines Calendars
  • 2020 Limited Edition Sandy Pines Christmas Ornaments
  • Stainless Insulated Coffee, Wine & Beverage Tumblers
  • Campfire Coffee Mugs
  • Cork Coasters
  • Jackets, Puffer Vests, Beanies & Scarves
  • Hoodies, Sweatshirts & Long Sleeve T-Shirts
  • Dog Leashes & Bandanas

New January Featured Items

  • Velour Beach Towels
  • Soft Tote Coolers
  • Ladies Football T-Shirts & Fleece Hoodies
  • ¼ Zip Shirts & Sweatshirts

All the profits from the online store will be allocated toward fundraising goals in support of the 50th Anniversary Celebration. Shop now to support the 50th!

2021 Calendars

As we kick off the new year it is a great time to update your home, work, and trailer walls with our new Sandy Pines Calendars. They are only $12 including tax and can be purchased online and at Member Service. Shipping is only $3 each if ordered through Member Service or online at You can also order them through our Online Store but we’d only recommend that option if you’re ordering other merchandise otherwise shipping costs will be higher.

Shipping Rates

A quick note regarding the cost of Online Store shipping. Although we realize it is common for Amazon and many major retailers to offer free shipping, we do not sell anywhere near the volume that supports free or discounted shipping rates. Average shipping rates range between $10 to $20 per order. Large orders can exceed $30 depending on the total size of order and how far it needs to be shipped. If you wish to avoid shipping rates, we will once again be offering free pick up at the Sandy Pines Park & Garden Store when it reopens in April 2021.

Online Store Alerts

Online store opening and closing text alerts are only sent through our Happy Camper Rave Text Opt-In List. You can opt in and out of this list anytime.

To Opt-In:       Text “SANDYPINES” to 67283
To Opt-Out:    Text “STOP” to 67283

Please note this Opt-In List is different than our Member Rave Text & Email Alerts List. See the Park Communications update below for more details.

50th Anniversary Fundraising

Jeff mentioned our goal of raising $75,000 to fund all the great events we have scheduled for our 50th Anniversary. Without these funds, all our 50th events simply won’t be possible. The majority of that goal is intended to come from business sponsorships and donations. A portion of those funds will come from Online Store Merchandise Sales. All Online Store profits for 2020 & 2021 will go toward 50th Anniversary fundraising efforts so when you shop in the store, you’re supporting the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Our Sponsorship Packages range from $1,000 to $5,000 and offer amazing exposure for organizations including name & logo recognition online, in print, and at events. Gold & Platinum Sponsors also get TV ads and onsite exposure opportunities at all 50th Anniversary Events. Individual Event Sponsorships range from $100 to $550 and offer similar exposure at the single event of your choice. Member affiliated and nonprofit organizations also get a 20% discount on sponsorships. These are great rates for exposure to our highly engaged and active community members.

You can also make a donation or purchase a sponsorship on behalf of yourself or your family. We’d love to thank you publicly for your contribution, but we’d glad to keep you anonymous if you’d prefer.

For more information, visit For questions, to reserve your sponsorship, or make a donation, contact or by calling 616-896-8316 x112.

Park Communications

We communicate with members through numerous communication tools. Some are required of all members and some are optional. If you are a new member and would like to receive all notifications and updates, please review our subscribe and opt-in options.

If you recently sold and are no longer a member, please make sure you opt out and unsubscribe from any communications you prefer. If you tried to opt out of all communications but are still receiving updates, please contact our Communications Team at or by calling 616-896-8315 x112.

Member Database

Once a member is added to our database, you’re automatically in our billing system and may receive monthly billing invoices and other important membership notifications.

Member Rave Text & Email Alerts

As a member in our database, you’re also added to our Rave text alert and email distribution list. Rave is an emergency alert system that automatically sends severe weather and other local, regional, and national emergency alerts. We also send occasional important billing, account, operational updates and large event cancellations through this platform. As a member, you are not able to opt out of these notifications, but we can manage notification preferences such as which member email and which phone number receives the notifications.

Happy Camper Rave Text & Email Alerts

This alert list is optional and can be opted into and out of at any time. It is intended for members, guests, campers, and/or anyone who wants to receive recreational, event, and park promotional notifications such as event cancellations, online store opening and closings, and miscellaneous park promotions. All severe weather and emergency local, regional, and national alerts are also sent to this distribution list. Participants can opt in and out at any time.

To Opt-In:       Text “SANDYPINES” to 67283
To Opt-Out:    Text “STOP” to 67283

Additional information on Rave Alerts, email lists, and member communication is available at

Mail Chimp Member E-News

All members are welcome to receive our electronic newsletter which is sent weekly during the summer season and monthly throughout the winter. The Member E-News includes our Weekly Flyers, Monthly Footprints, and ongoing park news and updates. Participants can sign up for the E-News and can also manage preferences or unsubscribe from the E-News at any time. You can unsubscribe by selecting the Manage Preferences or Unsubscribe links at the bottom of any E-News in your inbox or by viewing any E-News archived on our Members Page.

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