Cable TV, Internet & Phone Services

If you’re experiencing issues with Charter-Spectrum bulk cable or internet services, start by contacting Sandy Pines Member Service at 616-896-8315.

Cable TV Troubleshooting

Charter-Spectrum Cable is included with your Sandy Pines membership and provided to all members in the park and in the condominiums. The service provided is Charter-Spectrum Clear QAM cable with 159 HD channels. You’ll need a television with a digital/QAM tuner in order to decode and program the channels. Cheaper televisions such as the Element brand commonly don’t have digital tuners and will not work on our system without an additional digital converter box. Digital converter boxes are available for purchase from the Sandy Pines Park & Garden store. Please note these digital converter boxes are not the same as a residential cable box you may have outside the park and are not interchangeable.

Each member site has a gray Charter-Spectrum cable box (house box) which supplies the main cable/internet feed to the trailer. There is no need to call anyone to setup service. All you have to do is connect your trailer to the house box on your site and you should be up and running.  Please call Sandy Pines Member service if you cannot find or do not have a gray house box. Condominiums are built and internally wired for cable. If you move into a new condo unit, you’ll have to call Sandy Pines Member Service to connect your condo externally to the Charter-Spectrum network.

The Cable TV Channel Listing  is posted on our website, available at the Member Service office or can be viewed on Channel 9.4. The digital QAM cable system does not offer an interactive TV guide or DVR service like most traditional residential services. Some members have purchased DVR systems such as the Magnavox MDR867H HD DVR/DVD Player that work with our QAM cable service.

When connecting a new TV or when returning for the season you’ll most likely need to scan or reprogram the channels.  On your TV you’ll want to make sure you’re on the correct input for your coax cable connection and then go to your channel menu and scan your channels. This will scan and program the channel frequencies into your TV’s digital tuner. If your TV doesn’t have a digital tuner, you won’t be able to program or pick up any channels.

Internet Troubleshooting

If you experience internet connectivity issues, the first step is to power cycle your modem and router (if using WIFI). This solves most internet connectivity issues.  Follow these steps:

  1. Start by completely unplugging your modem power supply and coax cable; unplug your router. Give both a solid 2-minute rest in order to shut down and reset. You can leave the router connected to your modem during this process.
  2. Gently reconnect the coax cable to the modem, plug in the power supply, then wait until the Power, DS, US and Online lights appear (it usually takes a couple minutes). All lights may not be solid, they might be flickering which is okay.
  3. Plug in your router and let it establish the connection with your modem, at this point the Link light should appear. This complete cycle will reset your connection, assign a new IP address and fix most connectivity issues.
  4. Check network connection on your internet device to confirm that you’re reconnected to your specific router.
  5. If you’re still not connected, refresh your browser or restart your internet device.

If you’re getting prompted for a login, network key or password then the issue may not be in your modem but in your router. Check your router paperwork and specifications for troubleshooting steps and issues.  We recommend Dual Band Wireless routers to utilize the full speed provided by Charter-Spectrum service. Newer routers usually have a sticker on them with your network login credentials and password.  Important:  If your router tells you to download the manufacturer’s APP to complete the install, please do not ignore this, as it is not advertising.  It is through the APP that your installation will work to completion.

You can also eliminate your router as the issue by bypassing it.  If you have a laptop or tablet with an Ethernet port, unplug the Ethernet cable from your router (runs between the modem and router).  Plug the Ethernet cable from the modem directly into your laptop or tablet.  Restart your device and it should establish a connection to the internet directly through the modem.  Once it has reset, try to connect through an Internet browser.  Use the browser’s troubleshooting options to make sure it is trying to connect.  If it still says “no internet connection,” proceed to contact Member Service or Charter-Spectrum Customer Care.

If all attempts fail to fix your connection please call Charter-Spectrum Customer Care to test the signal to your modem.  By using your modem’s individual C-MAC number, they can remotely connect to your modem. Please note – you’ll need to be on site during this test in order to physically reset the modem if needed and test the connection once it’s been reset.

Charter-Spectrum is responsible for their equipment and making sure you have a strong signal to your trailer. Anything on, in or under the trailer is your responsibility. If a trouble call is scheduled and the issue is not related to their line or equipment, you will be billed $165 for the service callThis is why it is very important to troubleshoot and reset your router.

Contacting Charter-Spectrum Customer Care – Internet Only

Charter-Spectrum Customer Care can only assist you with internet connectivity issues, they cannot help you troubleshoot or service digital TV issues. If you’re having TV related issues, please call Member Service directly at 616-896-8315. If you have internet issues, please locate your C-MAC number (12 alphanumeric characters) on the modem’s label.  The modem looks similar to your router but the modem is the source that has your coax cable running into it. Call Charter –Spectrum Customer Care at 833-267-6094

  1. Listen to the welcome….
  2. When it asks if you’re calling from a number associated with your account, say ‘No.’
  3. In will then ask for the account number or phone number associated with the account.  Enter 616-896-8315 which is our primary 10 digit telephone number associated with the account.
  4. When prompted, you are calling about a ‘Business’ account – say ‘Business’ or enter ‘1.’
  5. When/if it asks for the zip code, enter 49328.
  6. It will ask what you are calling about; say ‘Technical Support.’
  7. It will ask what you need help with; say ‘Internet.’   (Don’t say ‘cable’ or ‘cable and internet’ – just ‘internet.’)
  8. At this point, no matter the prompt, say ‘Agent’ until you are directed to an agent.
  9. When you have an agent on the line, let them know that you are part of Sandy Pines Bulk Account. Our main account is listed under the phone number 616-896-8315 and our office address 2745 136th Avenue, Hopkins, MI 49328. Provide the agent with your Phase and Site number:  “I am Phase 1, Site 123; I am Phase 4, Site 345.”
  10. Tell the agent you have your CMAC and that is how they will find which account you are under.  Again, the CMAC is on the label of your modem.
  1. If connected and active, the Charter-Spectrum agent can connect to your modem remotely to check, test and reset your signal. If the agent is able to test and encounters a low signal at your modem, you’ll want to schedule a service call to have a local tech physically inspect your wiring and setup.
  2. In order to successfully schedule a service call make sure to provide them with your name, phone number, Phase number, Site number and the admin office address, as in the following example:
    “Please take down my information – my name is John Smith, my phone number is 616-123-4567, I am in Phase 4, at Site 999.” To properly confirm the appointment, please ask for a confirmation number as this is the only way to follow up with our local technicians. If they try to add you onto a current service call previously scheduled in the park, insist that they set you up with your own service call as there is no way to track your individual request if you’re added onto another job.
  3. Because of the size and scope of our account, some agents may insist that you contact the Residential department or they may say you’re in a non-serviceable area or that they cannot help you out. If this is the case please provide them with our bulk account number: 8245-1264-8002-4398. This is our main account number which has numerous sub accounts associated with it. If you live in the Condo’s at Sandy Pines please use this bulk account number: 8245-1264-8004-7654. From either of these numbers, they should be able to access our account and see notes regarding our account.
  4.  If the agent still says they can’t help you out, ask for a manager that can look deeper into our account.

If for any reason you experience difficulty with Charter-Spectrum Customer Support, contact Sandy Pines Member Service at 616-896-8315 and we’ll help you look further into the issue.

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