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By: Ellen Carpenter

First of all, we would like to say thanks for your overwhelming participation in our recent pool survey.  Your responses provided needed input to get started with this project in a way that can address your concerns and needs.  Beyond the information gathered about increasing pool capacity, your comments gave us insight on many issues.  We read your comments with great interest.

The committee met on December 10 to review the information gathered from the survey and to talk about the next steps in the process. The Pool Survey Info graphic shows a summary in regards to support for the project and willingness to support the project financially.

Pool Survey Results

The committee discussed several issues including the requirements for lifeguards, jobs opportunities for lifeguards, insurance liability, as well as the time periods during the year that an indoor pool might be used.  At this time  a risk assessment study has ensued to look at these issues, as well as possible Michigan state regulations that could apply.  Once this study has been completed the committee can begin fine tuning a proposal for consideration that is based on the results of the survey and the risk assessment results.  That proposal will include concept drawings.

In order to keep you well informed on proposals and concepts as they develop, we have created a Pool Plans Page at This page will include all of the basic information about the project, news updates, a list of frequently asked questions, and the ability to contact us with additional questions and/or suggestions. Please visit the page, review the information and keep in touch with us as we plan. Your opinion counts!

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