So here it is, early November. Some members have returned to their midwestern abode, preparing for their next six months of weather challenges. Other fortunate Sandy Piners fly the snowbird route to far warmer climes. Regardless of where you spend the off-season, once you winterize your place in the park, virtually all of us are absent owners, anxiously awaiting next April. The Park is “closed” so all is quiet here, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. All those behind-the-scenes benefits that many take for granted are constantly being analyzed and accommodated with a dedicated staff overseeing us 12 months a year.

For instance, I recently overheard a maintenance person state that, once the season has ended, a deep cleaning occurs at every CC. Each takes one week. That’s right, one week each. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. The maintenance crew doesn’t get the credit they deserve as so much of their work is rarely seen, especially in the offseason. New risers, new street signs, updated rental cabins, new painting and trim, the list is exhausting what these men and women do while we are away.

The Park always feels extremely safe while we are there, and it’s sure nice to know that, even in the off-season, our belongings are being watched out for by Public Safety. Very few of us have that luxury at our permanent homes if we are absent for any length of time, right? I feel much more comfortable having a trained staff at SP to monitor goings-on 24/7.

The recreation department doesn’t get a pass in the fall/winter either as planning for highly attended events especially require months of preparation. That, and personnel commitments for lifeguards and rec staff are an on-going challenge. Park and Garden will be planning, trying to keep pricing competitive for all of us while being proactive, watching out for potential supply chain delivery issues. The golf course crew, fresh off bridge beautification, is ever on the alert to maintain and improve our 18. Park inspection duties never stop as unfounded surprises continue to add to his everyday requirements. Camping and sales have plenty to do in the cooler months, too, making the transition to on-season a smooth one. And there’s plenty of activity brewing in the office, as the staff readies itself for a much-needed computer system upgrade, something all of us will benefit from in 2022.

So, enjoy your time away from Sandy Pines wherever it may be. Rest assured, there are many that are hard at work at our happy place, striving to make year #51 one of the best! Your board also keeps listening and learning from your thoughts and concerns. Let us know how we can help at We’re here 24/7/365 to serve.

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