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There have been a few questions and some confusion regarding ACH and the 6th month installment payment plan option for dues.  The two are completely unrelated. 

The most recent monthly statements sent out did still refer to the ACH (automatic payment program) as an option for making payments.  However, due to limitations with our more recent ACH vendor and the liability imposed on Sandy Pines as an organization, we have withdrawn the availability of payment by ACH.  Previously, the vendor had provided the ability to streamline the process securing the transmission and due to the private non-profit structure of the organization and personal information demanded, the vendor is no longer allowing us to the use the feature.  An alternative option you may consider is to contact your own financial institution to set up a Bill Pay program where you can initiate and authorize your own payments automatically from your own control.  They will then initiate a payment per your authorization directly to Sandy Pines.  When doing so, please have it payable to Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails, Inc. (Address: 2745 136th Avenue, Hopkins, MI 49328) and ensure you have your site number (#### last name) included on your payment as well.  Please follow up with your personal banker for more information on this option. 

We also want you to be aware, the six month installment payment program is still available, with financing fees.  Monthly installments are equal to $321.31 on the 25th of the month from October through March.  Please note this installment payment covers the 2019 annual dues and assessments only and does not include your electric assessment, unit tax or any other ancillary charges.  Again, these payments must be initiated by you.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Administration office and we will be happy to answer them. 

Thank you! 

Sandy Pines Wilderness Trails, Inc.

Revised Statement Verbiage:

BALANCE ON ACCOUNT IS DUE on or before the 25th of the Month.  Payments can be made online through our website, our automatic payment program, by mail, office drop box, or at the administration office during regular business hours.

A MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGE of 1.5% (18% A.P.R.) applies after the 25th day of each month on the unpaid balance on account.  Minimum service charge is $1.50.  We do not accept postmarks or check dates as payment dates, so please mail early.  We cannot guarantee timely delivery by the post office nor can we waive the service charges.  Accounts more than 60 days past due will have all magnetic cards deactivated and there will be an additional charge per card for reactivation.

MEMBER ACCOUNTS: Dues, Capital Contributions, and Special Assessments are billed every October 1st.  All charges to your account must be paid in full by October 25th to avoid service charges. SIX MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS (of $321.31 for 2019 dues and assessments is payable October 25th thru March 25th) may be made to pay the dues, capital contributions, special assessments, and related service charges. The payment amount DOES NOT include any other fees and charges billed to your account each month. YOU MUST ADD ALL OTHER CHARGES FOR SERVICES, ELECTRIC, STATE UNIT TAX, ETC. TO THE MONTHLY INSTALLMENT AMOUNT.

NOTICE: Checks that you write for payment to Sandy Pines may be converted into an electronic debit to your account and if your payment is returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) you acknowledge that your account can be electronically charged for a NSF Fee, not to exceed maximum.

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