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August Park & Garden Update

By: Jack Schmidt

It is hard to believe that we are approaching Christmas in August, and soon, Labor Day weekend. If you haven’t been in to see the new store you only have a few more weeks to check it out. We are carrying new items with the expanded space.

Do you have all the Christmas lights you need for decorating for Christmas in August?  Stop by the store and see our selection to help with your decoration needs this year.

We have added many new products in the marine area, i.e. anchors, battery boxes, floating key chains, boat bumpers, etc.

The addition of Logo and Happy Camper clothing has been a huge success. We now have sweatshirts and jackets added to the line of shirts and hats. Stop by the store and get your logo wear to show your pride in Sandy Pines. The sweatshirts will come in handy as the fall weather approaches.

NEED A KEY? We have many of the common key blanks that we can cut to give you an extra key for your trailer doors, boat keys, golf cart keys, etc. We can also cut the post office keys.

We still have stone and mulch for your lots, as well as landscape blocks. We have added indoor storage for our lumber to keep it in good shape. If you are looking for extra 2 x 4’s, 2 x 6’x, 2 x 8’s, 4 x 4’s, cedar fencing and deck boards, stop and see our supply before you take a trip to a lumber yard.

The golf cart rentals have been a great success, as always. If you haven’t reserved your cart for Christmas in August or Labor Day, now would be a good time to get it reserved.  We usually fill up a month before the holiday weekends. Don’t wait until we have none available.

The paddle boards and Kayaks have been going fast on the weekends. You can reserve them for other times during the week by stopping by or calling Park and Garden (616-896-9888). On the weekends you can just go to the Marina and use them if they are available. The Marina is open from 5 to 8 on Wednesday and Friday nights and from Noon to 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Rental is $10 for the first hour and $5 for each additional hour. We now have two Double Person Kayaks which rent for $20 the first hour and $10 each additional hour.

If you haven’t tried the bikes we have available, now is the time to see how they ride.  Explore the park on a bike and get your exercise in at the same time. Bikes are available to rent at the Rental office or call ahead of time at 616-896-9888. Rentals are made through the Rental office.

As we approach the end of the season, it is time to provide us with information about the return of the water softeners. This year, we have over 300 softeners to pick up at the end of the season. It is very helpful if you contact us at Park and Garden and let us know when we can pick up your softener. Also, if you do this before you leave the park for the season, we offer a discount if you order a softener for the 2020 season. If you have a question, please call Park and Garden at 616-896-9334, or stop by to sign the contract. The contract is also available online at the Sandy Pines Member website. Contracts for next year are available now.

We also have a few 2019 Sandy Pines Wall Calendars to sell so we’re taking 50% off to get them out the door. For $5.oo including tax, grab a couple for the return trip home or for the kids heading off to school.

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