Annual Dues & Assessments 10/25/2019

Dues, Capital Contributions, and Special Assessments were billed October 1st. All charges to your account must be paid in full by October 25th to avoid service charges. Your final electric, unit tax, winterization fees and anything else that was billed to your account are due in full by October 25th, over and above the payment plan payment. Six monthly installments to pay only the dues & assessments in the amount of $325.46 will be due by the 25th of every month, October through March. Dues can also be paid in advance by making larger payments, as long as you keep your account under the maximum monthly balances outlined below:

Monthly Payment $325.46
(Includes 1.5% interest on the unpaid monthly balance)

Monthly Maximum Balance

$1,579.89   October 25
1,273.24   November 25
962.00   December 25
646.09   January 25
325.44   February 25
$0.00   March 25

Again, balances must be at or below these amounts.

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions

Utilizing the payment plan automatically places your account 30 days past due because the balance is not paid in full. Thus, if you miss a payment during the term and your account balance exceeds the monthly maximum balance, your account becomes 60 days past due and membership card deactivation results. As of October 1, 2019, reactivation of magnetic cards costs $35 per card.

Additional terms, conditions and details can be found at

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