Sandy Pines Handbook Rulebook 10-01-19

At the end of each season in which Sandy Pines Handbook & Rulebook revisions are voted on and passed by the Board of Directors, we update the Handbook and pass the information on to Members. It is every Member’s responsibility to know, understand, and stay up to date with park rules and regulations.

All 2019 revisions have been made. Outdated information which has been omitted is noted with strikethroughs on the related content. New information which has been added is highlighted in red font. The following list includes the section title of which a revision has been made along with the corresponding page number. Please note page numbers may fluctuate with future Handbook updates.

A Quick Link Button for the most recently updated Sandy Pines Handbook is on our Members Page and can always be found at

  • Trust Membership
    • Page 9
  • Listing & Selling Your Membership
    • Pages 13, 14
  • Recreation Units
    • Page 16
  • Alcohol
    • Page 18
  • Conduct
    • Page 19
  • Golf Cart License Plates
    • Pages 24 & 25
  • Transporting Watercraft & Rules to Anglers
    • Page 29 & 30
  • Pool Regulations
    • Page 30
  • Site Cleanup Notifications
    • Page 35
  • Storage Sheds
    • Page 37
  • Roof-Over Systems
    • Page 39
  • Reshingling Roofs
    • Page 40
  • Seawall Construction
    • Page 42

Should you have any questions regarding any of these updates or current park rules or regulations, please contact the corresponding department manager. If you’re not sure who to contact regarding your inquiry, please contact Member Service.

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